SBY Style Guide for 2016

As a new year begins, it’s time to refresh your signature style. Whether you are looking to brighten up your look, add bold statements, or get a total makeover–the SBY style guide for 2016 has tips and inspiration to get started. We loved the post from Who What Wear on Coco Chanel’s ideal wardrobe and wanted to channel our inner fashion icons for this year’s style guide.

6 Must Haves for the 2016 Style Guide

  1. Keep it simple
  2. Invest in the essentials
  3. Add bold colors and patterns
  4. Take your look from day to night
  5. Buy good shoes
  6. Have a signature scent

Keep it simple

Simply Be You! Your style should highlight your inner beauty and personality. Opt for fashions that flatter your figure and accentuate your best features. Choose one statement jewellery piece, like a bold necklace, and pair it with simple earrings.

Invest in the essentials

A great fitting pair of jeans or classic blazer can add elegance to any outfit. In 2016, build your wardrobe essentials with a classic LBD, perfect fit jeans, neutral cardigan, and white button down.

Add bold colors and patterns

Accessorize with bold colors and patterns. You can get dozens of looks out of your essential pieces. Add a sparkly bracelets and earrings to your LBD or layer a rich, tiered necklace over your classic button down shirt.

Take your look from day to night

After a busy day at the office, every girl deserves a fun night out. Whether its cocktails with your mates or a glam night out with your beau, your workday chic needs to roll into night out fab. Swap your everyday flats for cute heels and trade your tote for a clutch to look night out ready in a snap.

Buy good shoes

Nothing kills your mood (and your style) more than painful pumps that give you blisters. Find a good quality, wearable pair of black heels, fun flats, and leather boots to keep your feet fab and comfy.

Have a signature scent

Find a perfume that is simply you! From a light floral mist to a rich, earthy musk, every woman can have a signature scent. Bargain tip- try a few travel sized sprays to see what scent speaks to you before buying a larger bottle.

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